Amidst planetary urbanization, space on Earth is crafted through repeatable formulas; multipliers, standards, and algorithms that define our everyday. In the futile human pursuit of total understanding, we have calculated and crafted easily-digestible infrastructures so that all "things" are able to be processed as an algorithmic notion.

In 1972, NASA released AS17-148-22727, otherwise known as The Blue Marble: the first full image of the earth taken from space. Today, it's the most widely reproduced photograph in history – but when released, widespread panic claimed the image was fake.

The doubts were quickly resolved – the camera had simply depicted the earth, by human standards, "upside down." That outcry, more than an outlier anecdote, reflected the repeated societal tendency to assign illegitimacy to anything failing to conform to modern imperialistic standards – rendering clear that colonization is more than a historic terrestrial device.

A1 engineering print / limited edition of 15 / digital collage of paper folds + image courtesy of NASA